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King Tut at the Pacific Science Center

There is a King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center that my family has been excited to see.  Today we did just that.  My son has been studying archaeology and ancient Egypt for school, so we had a great excuse to take the day off from our regular work and call it school

Every advertisement for the exhibit showed a sarcophagus of King Tut, so I naively believed that I would actually get to see one at this exhibit.  I did not.  There were some amazing treasures to see- just not what I expected.  I think our current day population must be giant compared to the people of ancient Egypt.  Both the bed and the chair that I saw looked tiny.  I was more interested in the day to day accoutrements of life (like the toilet seat) than I was in the statues.  And the jewelry...I loved the jewelry.  If it was my exhibit, I'd include a children's play area...something like a play house, furnished with small furniture, dress up clothes, and pretend food that is designed to simulate the daily life of ancient Egyptians.  As it was, I don't think that the exhibit was very child friendly, though it doesn't claim to be.  My son, who is eight, said he liked it...just not enthusiastically.  I'm glad that he had some background information before we went to the exhibit, because otherwise I don't think it would have meant as much to him.  Here's what he did to prepare before we went...

 Read: Usborne Time Traveler- Pharaohs and Pyramids and Tut's Mummy:  Lost and Found

Watched:  The Prince of Egypt and How the Ancient Egyptians made the Pyramids (Lego History)

He also read Archaeologists Dig for Clues and he did a mini archaeological dig for dinosaur bones with this kit.  The kit was very cheap in quality, so I don't recommend the one that we used, but he still had fun with it.

Trent was more excited about the rest of the science center.  He loves this place.  Unfortunately, I only have pictures of the regular exhibits.  The King Tut exhibit did not allow cameras.   


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Reader Comments (6)

A trip to a science museum is never a wasted day even if the exhibits aren't what you hoped for. The childrens play area idea sounds great though, it would really get them to feel what it was like back then - minus the slaves, bad hygiene and insane heat of the desert that is.

October 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSteph

sounds like a fun day and calling it school - even better :)

October 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdenise

It's been a while since we've been to the PSC! We are coming for a quick visit to Seattle soon. Maybe we'll try to squeeze a trip in. My kids would probably appreciate it more now that they are older...

(great photos!)

October 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

Ack!!! How did I not know that you have a new blog? This is so fabulous! I've missed you! It is so good to see your family again and know you are well. :)

October 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKat

We saw the Tut exhibit in Denver and it was amazing! Like you, we spent a good deal of time oogling the jewelry and taking in the size of the furniture. I don't know why, but I always picture historic figures as large and powerful -- too many movies, I suppose.

October 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTara

I love the table. That's very "Alice".

October 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMariposa

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