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I'm a collector of words.  Little scraps of paper scribbled with grocery lists, plans, snippets of conversation, quotes, titles, ideas, scriptures, etc. litter the pockets of every handbag or jacket that I own.  I have notebooks for this purpose too, but more often, a scrap of paper wins out because it's right there when I need it.  Pinterest has been good for me, in that I now have a way to organize some of my favorite quotes in one place.  Here's one of my quote boards.  Some quotes I pin because they make me smile, others are full of wisdom that I hope to apply to my own life. 

I found the following quotes in a book that I just finished reading, called The Dating Trap, though none of them are directly about dating.  What an interesting book.  I'm still pondering the ideas presented, which are quite radical from the norm.  Basically, the premise is to leave behind the idea of dating as we know it, to not only save the physical relationship for marriage, but also the emotional aspect of giving away your heart.  The idea is that repeated "mini marriages" which often end in heartache, causes damage to any future real marriage.  The author presents her views in thoughtful manner, using the Bible as her reference, in a gentle, non-judgmental manner.  Having a daughter who is thirteen makes this a topic of great interest to me.     




 And finally, I'll leave you with this image/quote.  The credit goes to Little Bits of Lovely.....

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Reader Comments (3)

I like this post... probably because I am much the same way. I am forever scribbling book titles, song titles and quotes on the back of receipts or, when I run out of those, my own business cards. The journals I've kept have been a mix of my thoughts and book excerpts. Pages and pages of books excerpts. I like that first quote. A lot. :-)

September 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTara

Phooey. I should have written that book. Why don't I THINK of these things? And from the other side of the fence - it is deeply gratifying to find yourself the one being quoted. I don't dare collect other people's words, for fear they might come out in my own pages without my realizing it. So I just content myself with annoying G for the few hours before church while I'm studying the lesson - discovering new views, putting two and two together, following him around talking philosophy and wondering how the heck things actually work.

These quotes were fun!

September 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKristenD

Thank you Tara. : )

Kristen- That's funny that you should say that. Because I thought of you when I read the book. Based on your books that I've read, and the way you describe your family life, I thought that you probably leaned towards a similar belief. : )

September 28, 2012 | Registered CommenterDawn

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