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Closing out 2013



I see now that once I fall out of a habit, it's very hard to re-establish it.  I did think that this blogging thing had come to it's natural end.  The kids being older now, I thought they might prefer that I document our family's days differently from here on out.  But no, much to my surprise, they want me to continue, and so I will.  

The thought of an end to the blog prompted me to begin a big project.  Using Blurb and the archives here, I've been working on turning our family stories into a book.  In doing this, I'm rediscovering why I blog in this first place.  I love having a record of our days to look back on.  The little stories, the things my kids said, photos of everyday life, it's a treasure to have those things documented. Because the truth is, I do forget things.  So maybe now, even though the days fly by faster than ever before, and it's getting harder to find the time to blog, it's more important than ever for me to be purposeful in making sure this blog continues.  My commitment for this space, for 2014, is keep it simple, but keep it up.

These pictures will have to do most of the telling for these past two months.  There has been a lot of family time, which I've loved, Trent and I attended his first college basketball game together (Seattle U), we watched my nephew Cody play hockey, Trent finished his second Seattle Children's marathon, celebrated his 10th Birthday with laser tag at the Family Fun Center, played keyboard on stage with a band at Nectar (Rock you Like a Hurricane), played the part of Snitch in "Princess Impossible" with his homeschool theater class, and enjoyed exactly one snow day before it all melted. 

The most notable difference this year has been the absence of Nutcracker.  It was the first time in seven years that it has not dominated our holiday schedule.  Grace decided to take a year off from performing this show.  She missed it terribly, but she'll be back on stage in March for Pinocchio. She's also begun assisting in the the "baby ballerina" class at her school. 

We all were able to get away for a short time, to visit friends in Benton City, for the Cable Bridge Run.  This has been a long tradition that goes back to our college days.  Grace and I missed the last few years because of Nutcracker, so it was good to be back.  It's a Christmas tradition that I love to take part in.

Christmas this year, was spent at our house, with my parent's visiting.  It was wonderful.  I've done a lot of reading and relaxing since then.  I'm working on putting together a list of books and reviews from 2013, and I'll share that here soon. 

 Today, Derek and I went out to lunch together and started our planning for 2014.  We took a calendar and blocked out dates.  All I can say is that it's all good, but there sure isn't room for spontaneity anymore.  Planning is essential.  



Finding Beauty













 I've been finding beauty lately in soggy walks through Bridle Trails, in wandering through a beloved museum with my nine year old partner in learning, in quiet rainy days with noses buried in books, in pink roses from daddy to daughter, a new party dress for a lovely girl, crock pot dinners that smell good all day and yes, even in piles of laundry.  I actually like doing the laundry on Mondays.  It signals a return to my routine, and I love the routine of my days at home.  The weekends are wonderful, with their variety and fun, but I'm not really one to complain about Mondays.  There's also beauty in the routine.  Where are you finding beauty these days?



Welcome November





 1.  November is here, and our cozy Saturday morning is being met with the sounds of tree branches falling on the roof and lights flickering as a big storm settles into our area.  This motivated me to get out of bed a little earlier than normal, to make Swedish pancakes and sausage for breakfast, while we still had power for cooking.  As of now, we still have electricity.  It's not cold here, so I wouldn't really mind if the power goes out now.  The thought of being in a quiet, electronic free house, with candlelight, while a storm rages outside, actually sounds quite nice.

2.  October was lovely.  I pulled back from social media so that I could clear my head and think about the place I want it to have in my life.  I still enjoy sharing pictures, writing, and connecting with friends through blogging.  But if I'm not careful, it can become something that's too much for me.  Priorities, priorities.....I just need to keep those clear.  

3.  Homeschooling with my 9 y.o son, is going well.  I love all the time we have for reading.  I read aloud to him every day.  In October we read Along Came a Dog and the first Hardy Boys Book (The Tower Treasure).  Both were good, but Along Came a Dog is one of my favorites, ever.  I also have Trent read on his own every day for a set time.  He has read more books during that time than I can even keep track of.  I've found that the best way to help him stay focused while he's reading, is for me to sit down and read my own book during this time.  My current book is The Power of a Praying Woman,and I just finished A Call to Resurgence.  Both of those, I'd recommend.  Both are clear, straight-forward books about being in relationship with Jesus Christ, and what that looks like in practical terms.  Lest you think that I'm entirely too serious, I'll tell you that I'm also currently re-reading All You Need to Be Impossibly French, a cheeky, fun look at the secrets of chic French women.  

4.  It seems so long ago, but Derek competed in the Tough Mudder relay in October.  At first I thought it looked like a crazy thing to do, but now I kind of want to try it next year for myself.  I hurt my foot this summer, and haven't been running much since then.  Instead, I've been enjoying some hikes through the muddy trails in the forest nearby, and have been surprised at how much of a work-out it really is.  It's also more fun.

5.  I'm beyond excited for something that my daughter and I will be doing later on today.  I'm taking her shopping for a dress, for her first formal dance.  She's going with a big group of friends this year.  She's too busy for boys.  That's one of the benefits (imho) of having a daughter who is crazy busy with ballet.  A draw back is how much I miss seeing her, but I can tell you that the time I do have with her, I treasure.  And now I must get ready for said shopping trip.  A shopping trip of this importance requires some serious effort beforehand, with make-up, cute outfit, hair, etc.  ; )


I'm still here

Hey there.  I just wanted to check in here and say hello.  I've been taking a bit of a break from blogging, but I wanted to let you know that all is well and  I'll be back.  I would miss you too much if I stayed away too long.  But for now, I'm trying to do more listening and less talking.  It feels right for now. 

The picture above is the only one I've taken in the past two weeks.  I took it one morning as I was dropping my daughter off at school.  Our days start early, but getting to see a sky that looks like this is a reward for us early birds.  My picture doesn't do justice to how pretty it really was.


 This picture was taken by Derek.  He and Trent went a Sounders game on Sunday and cheered on our soccer team through gale force winds and a downpour of rain. 

I'm going to extend my break from writing here a bit longer, but I just wanted to let you know what's up.  I hope that you have a great October!


A Beautiful Wedding


 My sister married her Prince Charming this weekend.  We had a whole lot of fun and I'm happy to welcome such a great brother-in-law into the family.  Here's a little peek into this beautiful day.....