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Day in the Life: Autumn 2010

This was a fairly typical weekday for us, for this season of time anyway,  so I thought I'd write it down.  I've done a few of these before, experimenting with different formats.  Here's "A Day in the Life" from two years ago, in pictures.  We lived in Wenatchee and I homeschooled my kids at that time.  I like seeing how some things change, some don't.   I didn't have my camera with me for most of the day, because I didn't plan on writing this post.  I did take a few photos though....I don't think a day goes by that I don't.

A rock that my dog found...I keep putting it on a shelf, she keeps taking it back


7:00 am- Wake up….Derek is in the kitchen making lattes, Genevieve (the dog) is standing next to the bed, whining and pushing her cold, wet nose into my face, urging me to get up.  I slowly make my way to the living room, stopping at the hall closet to get a treat for Genevieve, who sits down, looking up expectantly, before I even ask.

I turn on the happy light (a necessity here in the northwest) next to my favorite chair and sit down with my coffee in the living room, talking to Derek and reading e-mails.

7:30am- Grace and Trent wake up.  I make some O.J., set out the kid’s vitamins, pour Trent a bowl of Cheerios, and give him and slice of cheese.  Grace sits down and proceeds to eat her Cheerios with chopsticks while reading a book.  I sit down with the kids and eat some Cheerios (with a spoon), while looking through a recipe book.

8:00am- Send the kids to their rooms to get dressed for school, put on my running clothes, brush my teeth, say goodbye to Derek as he leaves for work.

8:30am- Load up the dishwasher, switch around the laundry in the machines, make sure Trent has brushed his teeth and is ready for school.

8:40am- Put the leash on the dog and walk with the kids to school.

9:00 am- Back home, respond to some e-mails, read some blogs.

9:15am- Go for a run….listening to Lady Gaga on my earphones

10:00am- Back home, shower, put on my make-up and street clothes

10:30am- Eat a Luna bar and look through Craig’s list for short term writing assignments….nothing there, but the art institute needs zombie models for an upcoming fashion show…hmmm.  Keep looking.

11:00am- Make a cup of tea, pay bills, and balance the checkbook

11:30am- Read some more blogs and a chapter of The Artists Way

12:00pm- Make a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch and finish reading Tuck Everlasting in preparation for a Literature circle I moderate in Grace’s sixth grade class at school.

12:45- Fold some laundry, vacuum, straighten up Trent’s room

1:20- Read for fun….The School of Essential Ingredients

1:40- Put the leash on the dog and walk to the school to pick up the kids…they get out early on Wednesdays

2:20- Back home….snuggle on the couch with Trent and watch Bambi, take some pictures of Trent’s latest Lego creation and post it on the Lego website for him.

3:30- Put a ballet bun in Grace’s hair

3:45- Take Grace to ballet class

4:15- Back home…Derek got off work early, so I sit and talk with him awhile, and read while Trent goes to play with the neighbor kidsOrchids from my sweetheart

5:00- Help Trent with his reading homework while Derek cooks hamburgers for dinner


5:45- Derek and Trent leave to go pick up Grace and her friend from ballet class, in Bellevue, and take them to Nutcracker rehearsal in Seattle…I watch half of Glee.Photo from PNB website...cameras aren't allowed anywhere in the studio

6:30- I drive to Grace’s ballet studio in Bellevue for a workshop with the school’s consulting podiatrist, and spend the next several hours learning about…feet!  It’s actually quite interesting and highly technical.  I’m there for Grace, but I learn a few things that will help me to, with running, 

8:30- Still in class, but Derek has picked up Grace from the rehearsal in Seattle and drops her off in Bellevue, where she joins me for the rest of the foot workshop.  She can’t wait to tell me who she met while she was at rehearsal.

9:15- Going home…our normal route is blocked, I don’t have my GPS, and I get a little lost on the detour.

9:45- Home…Trent jumps out of bed to tell me about his evening.  While Grace was at rehearsal, he got to ride the monorail and sit with the driver…he also got to have gelato.  Grace eats a late dinner, finishes some homework, and goes to bed.  Derek is working (or playing) on his computer, so I watch the rest of Glee before going to bed.


Snow Cream

We have a book, called A Fairy Tale Christmas, that's supposed to be hidden away, kept special for the Christmas season.  It's a book full of beautiful photos of a castle, decorated for Christmas, with various fairy tale theme rooms, along with recipes, fairy tales and commentaries, craft projects, and decorating tips.  My daughter keeps finding it....and then she makes the most delicious recipes from it's pages, so I really can't protest.  Last night, she made Snow Cream.  Snow Cream is one of my favorite treats.  So sweet and simple.  It tastes like homemade vanilla ice cream, but it's much quicker.  Here's the recipe:

2 cups ice cubes

1 cup heavy cream

1/4 tsp. vanilla

1/4 cup real maple syrup

1/4 tsp. salt

Crush the ice in a blender; add the cream and continue blending until the mix is like slush.  Add vanilla, syrup, and salt; blend again until it is like melted ice cream.

Yields 2-4 servings



Bridle Trails

Bridle Trails is a nearby state park for equestrians, also a great place to run or walk.  Today, I decided to walk, so that I could bring along my camera.    Fall in the Pacific Northwest....still pretty much all green.Blackberries are abundant and provide an easy, delicious snack.  One side of the trail I run on is bordered by forest, the other side has velvety green horse pastures.The gazebo is always a welcome sight when I run.  It's my half way point.A little bit of country, right in the middle of the city.


Be Good to Yourself



Yesterday was one of those days, so awful, it was almost funny.  Almost.  Much of it could be attributed to a bad attitude on my part.  As I get older, I’m learning that’s often the case with bad days.  Yes, there were some events that contributed to the general badness of it all.  The dog getting out of the yard and playing “catch me if you can”, around the neighborhood, at the exact moment we were supposed to get in the car and leave for ballet wasn’t my idea of a fun game.  Especially not when I got impatient and attempted a full, running tackle, missed, and took a hard dive into the mud (wearing a cute outfit no less).  Eventually, with the help of a neighbor, we cornered the dog and my daughter made it to her class.  I’ll spare you the rest of the details about the rest of that awful day.

Today, that same dog that I was so annoyed with is now sleeping sweetly on the couch, back to being adored by all.  My house that looked so cluttered and small now seems charming and cozy.  The bickering kids that I wanted to run away from are now at school- and I’m missing them.  Am I moody?  Maybe, but I also made a conscious effort when I woke up this morning, to be good to myself today, and it has helped. 

  Have you seen this blog, called We Deserve This?  It’s a beautiful collection of photos and brief anecdotes from mothers, showing moments of nurturing themselves.  In their own words, it’s “A warm bath, a silent walk on a wooded trail, an extra half hour of sleep, baking a special treat, a laugh with a special friend… It’s the little things in a mother’s life that can bring the greatest amount of well-being to her soul.” Taking pictures helps me to pause and notice beauty all around  

   It’s an important reminder.  We do need to be good to ourselves.  For each person, how that looks is different, but I thought I’d make a list (making lists makes me happy), of what I can do, to be good to myself, so that next time I’m having an awful day, I can refer back to it.   What do you do to nurture your well being?

  My list:

  -A hot cup of tea with sugar and a good book

  - Time spent creating….knitting, drawing, writing, editing photos

  - Exercise…yoga, running, kickboxing.  I never feel like doing it at first, but once I start, I always feel better

  - Time spent with friends….writing letters, meeting for coffee or a glass of wine, wandering through boutiques or museums

  - Viewing beautiful art

  -Cooking/Eating a great meal with people I love

  - Alone time with my husband

  - Reading out loud to my kids

 - Dressing up….looking my best

  - Making something beautiful….planting flowers, decorating my house, making someone smile

 A Wee Felt Folk doll that I just made for a friend. It's been a long time since I made one of these dolls. I forgot how fun it was.


A Date with the Little Guy

Saturday, Brickcon was in Seattle.  Brickcon is a giant Lego exhibition.  It wasn't something that I had a particular interest in, other than in seeing how happy Trent was to attend.  My six year old loves Lego.  He told me this morning that he dreamt about going to the Lego store, "....and it wasn't even crowded!" he said.

Originally, much to Grace's dismay, it was going to be a family event.  She wasn't too excited about going, but we insisted, based upon all the ballet stuff Trent watches on her behalf.  When we discovered that the entry fee was cash only (who does that anymore), and that the line for the ATM was a mile long, both Derek and Grace bailed out.  We only had enough cash for Trent and I.  So it was a date...my little guy and I.  He said that the space shuttle was his favorite.Some more exhibits that Trent liked. The Hope picture, below, is made entirely of Legos, and those "mini figures", are actually a couple feet tall. The crowd....it was crazy.  It was especially difficult for Trent to see anything, being short and all.  When he said that he was done, and we hadn't seen even half of the exhibits yet, I was more than happy to lead him out of that crowd.  Outside, it felt great to run around and breathe in the fresh air.  This unique building, behind Trent, is the Experience Music Project and The Science Fiction museum.  It's where Grace and Derek ended up spending their morning while Trent and I were at Brickcon.  They both had a great time.  Trent must have been inspired, in spite of the crowds, because he's been playing with his Legos non-stop since we came home.